This page is here to demonstrate the various levels of tactics a faction is at. Note that this is a broad overlay, and it by no means covers all tactics a faction can use. It simply details what level a faction's tactics would be in.

Level 0 Edit

These are queer examples where tactics were unnecessary due to honor, customs, etc.

Examples from historyEdit

  • Early Japanese Warriors

Examples from fictionEdit

  • Early Mandalorians

Level 1 Edit

The kind of tactics that involve running at the enemy with a knife while screaming your lungs out. Of course, any battle will eventually devolve into this given the time.

Examples from historyEdit

  • Celtic Fanatics
  • Cavemen
  • Japanese Banzais during WWII
  • Viking berserkers

Examples from fictionEdit

  • Klingon warriors from Star Trek
  • Skandians in the book series Ranger's Apprentice and most of them in The Brotherband Chronicles
  • Most likely many Orcs in LOTR
  • Pretty much anything undead other than vampires

Level 2 Edit

Basic formations and structuring.

Examples from historyEdit

  • Most early armies
  • Some Medieval European armies (normally consisting largely of militias)

Examples from fictionEdit

  • Ewoks
  • Uruk-Hai

Level 3 Edit

By this point, tactics have progressed to where there is a command structure and clear roles for each soldier. Often fairly disciplined.

Examples from historyEdit

  • Early Asian armies
  • Turkish and Arabian armies
  • Most Medieval armies.

Examples from fictionEdit

  • Rohan's Eorlingas

Level 4 Edit

Now tactics are quite advanced, and less bound by honor. Ambushes, guerilla warfare, incredibly disciplined formations and other advanced tactics appear. Munition weapons and armor become common.

Examples from historyEdit

  • Ancient-to-Medieval Chinese armies
  • Mongolian armies
  • Rome and the Legions
  • Alexander's Macedonia
  • Later Medieval European Armies.

Examples from fictionEdit

  • Armies of Gondor
  • Wood-Elven armies of Thranduil
  • Dwarven armies

Level 5 Edit

Firearms appear, less armor is worn, and melee weapons and armor slowly begin to go out of fashion.

Examples from historyEdit

  • Bedu Tribes during the First World War
  • Asian and European armies from c.1480-c.1650

Examples from fictionEdit

  • Númenórean armies

Level 6 Edit

The sword is now only a weapon for the cavalry, and armor is nonexistent. Firearms become more advanced and accurate. Thought a higher number automatically means better tactics? Wrong. Honor takes hold again, and troops march in neat, ordered rows.

Examples from historyEdit

  • Napoleon's Grand army
  • European and American armies from 1650-c.1860

Examples from fictionEdit

  • Mede Empire from 'The Queen Of Attolia'

Level 7 Edit

Trench warfare is the norm, and disease is the number one killer(at least it kills even more than other levels). Aircraft are introduced to battle.

Examples from historyEdit

  • Armies of WWI

Examples from fictionEdit

  • ??

Level 8 Edit

Trenches are still used, but whole wars aren't fought in them anymore. Tanks, armored vehicles, and warplanes become much more common. Cavalry are gone, and infantry move in strategically planned out formations to optimize effectiveness.

Examples from historyEdit

  • Armies of WWII-Present

Examples from fictionEdit

  • Human forces in the Terminator movies.

Level 9 Edit

Again, the "tactics lose quality over time" problem rears its ugly head. Many things are advanced far above our current level. But others, are decaying, archaic, or "retro futuristic".

Examples from fictionEdit

  • The United Federation of Planets in Star Trek
  • I.F. in 'Ender's Game'
  • Armies of 'Dune'
  • Various steampunk things

Level 10 Edit

All, or almost all weapons, tactics, and tools of war are highly advanced. War is fought with rail guns, lasers, plasma, etc. Starships clash in battles on the scale of Star Systems. Weapons of terrifying power are unleashed, capable of destroying things we can only dream of.

Examples from fictionEdit

  • Star Wars armies
  • Marvel? (Must verify...)
  • Halo
  • Union of Allied Planets

Mixtures Edit

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