The Empire Edit

Rin power armor

Overview Edit

The Rin Empire is a massive affair, stretching over five full galaxies, with colonies spread throughout the universe. "The Empire" (as it is commonly known) is mainly centered around the Ursa Major constellation.

The Empire is a totalitarian state, an oligarchy, and a plutocracy, all rolled into one. For most residents of this universe it is the symbol of true villainy. For it does not commit needless massacres, nor is it an intruding presence: rather, it is a slow and unrelenting force that corrupts one's very society and way of thinking from the inside.

The Empire itself is ruled by a Emperor, the mouthpiece of the Gods and supreme authority over all. The power of the state is then divided down into many blocs (Or Adepta) ruled over by a High Lord.

Adepta Edit

The State (or as it is more commonly known, the "Imperium") is a series of conflicting power blocs used to manage the empire, and keep it in check. The blocs, or "Adepta", are as follows:

Administratum Edit

The Administratum is the main 'Administrative' bloc of the Rin State. It runs everything, from logistics to training governors and Imperial officials. It is further split into smaller 'Ministratums', which oversee one small aspect for example: Logistica (Logistics), Libertica (Record keeping), Regatica (Imperial management of the state), Domumstica (Civil works and projects), and Medicina (Public health and medicine)

Important roles within the Administratum Edit

Lord Administrator

The head of Administration in the Empire, and probably one of the most stressful jobs in the Empire. He delegates work to minor lords and other office holders, while the 'Lord' keeps watch over the whole process, making sure everything is done according to plan.

Administrative Master

A head Administrator for a Ultra Segmentum, and acts much like the Lord Administrator

Logistics Master

Logistic Masters are part of both the Legions and the Custudo: they are the administrative head of a legion, keeping track of things like ammo, equipment, and supplies.

Vigilistum Edit

The law arm of the State, which keeps, enforces, and writes/manages the laws of the Empire. They are everything from the lowly Vigils (street cops) to the Judges (supreme authority of law). Within their ranks are also the Justice Ministers, who hold power over both the common law and religious law. They are considered a check on the church of Ecclestum.

Important roles within the Vigilistum Edit


A Arbiter is a champion of law, being not just a de-facto judge in the law sense, but also being a Segmentum's greatest warrior, as they are champions of the empire, fully devoted to both the gods and the emperor. They have a formal role, normally mediating over major legal issues, and being the heads of law for most sections and worlds within the empire. They are also true champions, being great warriors that fight off any threats that come to endanger their Segmentum. Each Segmentum Majorus also receives a Grand Arbiter, that help coordinate the defence of the Segmentum and to serve as a legal head for issues that would either be too important for a Judge to get involved or issues in need of a heavy handed response.


The Judges (Judex as they are known in High Rin) are the supreme authorities when it comes to law. Anyone and everyone (Save the Emperor and the High lords) can be tried by the Judges; even members of the Inquisition are not immune. Thus the Judges are seen as the main check to both the Inquisition's power and the power of nobles and barons. The Judges are some of the most feared individuals within the empire as a whole.

Each planet is assigned a Judge, who assigns his own Justice Ministers (Who are allowed to act in his name and serve as his eyes and ears upon the planet) and a series of Justice Clerks (Who serve under and help the Justice Minister). These judges wear mainly black as their robe color.

Each province is also assigned a Lord Judge who keeps an eye on the province as a whole and wears white robes.

Finally, the homeworld is home to the grand jury, upon which sit the Grand Judges (585 to be exact). They wear crimson, and are some of the most powerful individuals within the empire. Each individual Grand Judge sees over dozens of provinces, and is the chief head of law within that area. They can be assembled within the Imperial Court to proceed over the most grand and generally important trials (Normally of extremely high ranking officials or the damnation of an entire species or world)


The bulk of the Vigilista (The Rin justice system) they are the street cops and guards of the empire. They guard against both physical threats and more spiritual ones (Although this task normally falls upon the Inquisition) Most are either lost souls seeking to repent themselves by holy service while others are true idealists either way all start out as a basic Vigil.

Each world has thousands of Vigils patrolling the streets each reporting to both the Chief Judge and the Justice Minister of the world. Most Vigils hold the power of Imperium (Power over life and death) for all low ranking citizens and some middle ranking ones. Those who fall under this category are under the mercy of the Vigils and can be arrested, tried, and sentenced in a matter of minuets (If deemed necessary executed)

Arch Vigil

Arch Vigils are  for the most part the enforcers of the law. While normally Vigils deal with more petty crimes Arch Vigils deal with threats to the empire security as a whole. Threats like, corruption, heresy, and witchery. They are assigned on a planetary basis with each world having around 300 Arch Vigils. They are however never assigned to the world of their birth.

They wear much heavier armor then the standard vigil and also have access to better weapons and gear. They also hold much more power (About the same power as a judge) this power has lead to them being called 'Street Judges'.

Arch Vigils are also assigned with them 'Hit Squads' who help them take out targets and serve as guards to the Arch Vigil. These individuals are normally called 'Vigil Troopers' and are like the equivalent of the SWAT teams of our day.

Each planet is assigned a detachment of Vigils and Vigil Troopers (Not all Vigil Troopers are assigned to Arch Vigils) who reside within a heavily fortified complex called 'The Palace of Justice' from here the entire network of imperial law for a planet is planned out and the armouries and housing for vigils is located.

They seem rather aloft to the populace they police only showing up to patrol or to drag another convict into the jails of the empire. Most have no connection to the world of populace they police (Most being orphans taken from the streets by the Schola Orphani)

Ecclestum Edit

The 'Church' of the Empire which runs the cathedrals, pays the priests, and helps to keep public morale high and heresy at a minimum. The priests of this Adepta are called the Ecclestarae. They keep the sacred texts of Sanctus Liber safe, and also (in some areas of the Empire) serve as spies for the State.

Ecclestum members can be seen preaching to the masses, others praying in the street, and, more rarely, some are seen upon the field of battle.

Important Roles within the Ecclestum Edit

Grand Pontif

Think crazy space pope.

Arch Cardinal

The heads of major cathedrals and overseers of religion and such.

Militum Edit

The Militum is the military arm of the Empire, having control over the Custudo (Guards or the basic infantry of the Empire), Legionaries (Super Human warriors), and other planetary defence units and auxilia.

Classis Edit

The Fleet/Naval arm of the State, which has the sacred duty of protecting the borders of the empire and ferrying troops. The fleet is also called when a Exterminus has been issued (Planetary destruction order).

Thronus Edit

Not a 'true' Adepta, but more a large selection or Officio's and Ordo's that serve the emperor directly. They are called Throne Agents and go as follows: Inquisition, Gladium, Intercessors, Praetorian Guards, and so forth.

Important roles within the Thronus include Intercessors, Commissars, and Gladium

High Lords Edit

Each Adepta is ruled over by a High Lord, High lords are as follows:

Lord Commander Militum

The head of the both the Legions and the fleet, and the de-facto head of the military of the empire (for the most part). Normally takes the title of 'Master of Soldiers'.

Lord Judge

The Representative of the Vigilistum and the chief justice and the supreme authority on the law.

Lord of the Administratum

The Head of the Administratum and all of it's orders, schola, and military formations.

Lord Marshal of the Custudo

The head of the guard and the underling of the Lord Commander.

Lord Patriarch

The head of the Ecclestum and given the title of Grand Arch Cardinal

Lord Expodentus

The head of anything magic related and generally considered the underling of both the Lord of the Administratum and the Patriarch.

Lord Inquisitor

The head of the Inquistion and it's 3 ordos: Hereticus, Internum, and Externum. The underling of the Lord Judge.

Lord High Admiral of the Fleet

Head of the fleet and underling of the Lord Commander.

Officio Edit

The next part of the Rin government breakdown a Officio is not as big as a Adepta but is still rather far reaching. A Officio can be compared to a government agency that has sway over other agencies for one purpose. A Example is the Officio Liber, which covers the record keeping of the empire across the various Adepta.

List of Officiae: Edit

Officio Ministratum Erentus (Orphani)

Officio Administratum Medicina

Officio Administratum Libertica

Officio Administratum Domumstica

Officio Administratum Regatica

Officio Administratum Alchemus

Officio Administratum Logistica

Officio Administratum Civilis

Officio Ecclestum Liberus

Officio Ecclestum Domum

Ordo Edit

The smallest block within the Rin government they are set to one task and one task only. Most Ordos are military or more political for example the Inquisition is broken down into 3 major ordos (Ordo Hereticus, Ordo Externum, and Ordo Internum)

Lists of Ordoi: Edit

Military: Edit

Ah the mighty Imperial Military the conquerors of billions of stars and trillions of worlds. No matter what the other factions may say the Imperial Military is a match for anything they can throw at it and then some. One of the oldest fighting forces in the universe (Alongside the Nektan and Gretch)

The Military is split into two branches the Militum (Ground Forces, Custudo and Legionaries) and the Classis (The Fleet) in both are Thronus troops and a host of elites and other fighting forces.

Militum Edit

The ground forces of the Empire split into 4 main branches: Legio, Custudo, Castellum, and Subsidium

Classis Edit

The fleet of the Empire split into two branchs: Classis Internum and Classis Externum

Imperial History Edit

Pre-History Edit

Oh this is going to get a little weird....

Before Unification (3 Empire period): Edit

During this time there where 3 'Empires' (Some where just a confederacy of city states while others where full fledged empire's) The Empire's where named Visarii, Rinarii, and Sicilia to put it simply they all hated each other claiming to be the 'true heirs' to the angels (More info later). All the empire's hungered for two things power and control over the Cyrus Crystals common on Domus (The planets name)

Unification: Edit

The Empire itself was unified after the battle of Luna where the traitors lead by the princes and barons of the city states of Visarii, Lux, Lemo, and many others where defeated by the legions of the twins Augustus and Ordarus (The 12 original legions to be exact). After this battle the 'Empire' became a thing with at first having two Emperor's the twins Augustus and Ordarus (Or Ordarian)

The disappearance of the duo-emperor leadership is one that remains in the Empire no history record records which bother died and by what or who but that is no important matter.

Solar Wars Edit

Expansion Edit

Rin Gods Edit

(Bold means that the god is part of the major nineteen gods.)

(F) Astis: Love

(M) Actitus: Nature

(F) Averii: Home and family

(F) Aveta: Fertility and prosperity

(M) Castor: Excess and greed

(F) Carna: Health and healing

(F) Furrina: Wrath

(F) Fortuna: Luck and wealth

(M) Insiter: War and soldiers

(M) Janus: Fate, beginnings, and ends

(M) Honous: Honor and glory

(F) Latis: Water and the ocean

(F) Juventas: Youth

(M) Liber: Wine, Drinks, and celebration

(M) Mens: Thought, wisdom, and higher learning

(M) Messor: Farming

(M) Nemesis: Vengeance

(F) Pax: Peace and plenty

(M) Promiter: Law and tax

(F) Virtus: Protection

(M) Victus: Victory

(M) Cel: Death

(M) Ordaris: Order and stability (Rin High God.)

(F) Rumna: Mothers

(M) Vulcan: Smithing

(M) Comus: Feasting

(M) Corvus: Messages, travel, and merchants

(M) Opitus: Pride

(M) Dutaris: Duty

(M) Ostio: tactics

(M) Tashio: Food and nourishment

(M) Patris: Patriotism

(M) Vul: Archery and marksmanship

(F) Jove: Space

(F) Nox: Night and secrets

(F) Losna: Loss

(F) Cem: Thieves and plots

(F) Fira: Fire

(M) Sol: Light

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