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  • Dark dwarves 2

    What ever

    December 1, 2017 by Dark dwarves 2

    So this place is kinda dead and no one really gets on any more so if you guys want to raid it go for it.

    Also I hope this isn't a 'my mommy didn't give me enough attention when I grew up' or 'emo is cool' or 'I'm depressed and am going to kill my self' type deal seeing as that's just rather lame/pathetic.

    Good day to you.

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  • Dark dwarves 2


    August 25, 2017 by Dark dwarves 2

    Screams, shouts, yells, and jeers of gladiators and spectators alike fill the floor of the arena. While most are simply here to watch and enjoy a bloody spectacle, others are here for a specific purpose. High above, within one of the many viewing rooms, a plot is brewing. The Emperor has recently (in the past few weeks) refused to be seen in the open,  remaining at his bedside or on his throne, only letting in a select group of holy priestesses into his chambers.

    “I tried to speak with the Emperor today, but one of those witches stopped me, again.”

    “I fear his condition is worse than they are letting the public in on.”

    “It must be bad, I’ve heard the high priest, extended family, and other important officials have been heading to his bedside fo…

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  • Dark dwarves 2


    August 24, 2017 by Dark dwarves 2

    A father and son walk within the bustling forum of their home city. On every side of the main road are stalls, slave markets, and dark alley ways all filled with both interesting, exotic, and rather dangerous looking individuals. Down one alley way a noble man is dealing with some sort of shady antique dealer, down another some blind man sits in the dark chanting in many thousands of tongues, and all around them slaves and freemen shopping and conversing amongest each other.

    A loud cry breaks the atmosphere, "Out of the way, get off the roads! Those who fall to comply will be severely punished if not killed!" shouts a praecones.

    The crowd breaks immediately and rushes to get off the main road crowding the market stalls. After that what sound…

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  • Dark dwarves 2

    Gilded Emperor

    August 16, 2017 by Dark dwarves 2

    The clacking of boots upon marble, the sound of Cherubs nesting in the eves of the arches and other cervices, and the low mummer of chanting and the drifting smoke of incense. Ever expanding hall ways running for miles littered on all sides with statues, guards, and pilgrims of all sorts and variety. Every once and awhile a scribe, slave, or servitor runs past bearing some sort of tool or scroll heading down to the next department and all of this is within on place, the Imperial palace.

    Two officials stride through this all heading for the most sacred location of all, the Eternal gate, beyond it's doors lie the Emperor himself in all his golden splendor. Hardly ever do the doors open and when they do millions of pilgrims flood the outer wal…

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  • Dark dwarves 2

    Paper Armor.

    September 3, 2016 by Dark dwarves 2

    Yes it does Exist and it works pretty well.

    Of course the Xinese would use it.

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