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  • I live in The Imperial City, The End
  • My occupation is General and chief Planeswalker of the Ender Imperium
  • I am That cat you be seein' in yo' dreams and yo' nightmares!
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    Well, this is it

    August 30, 2017 by Eureka Enderborn

    MERP Community,

    Well, I had a good run. But now, it's over. I am leaving.

    Now, before you start panicking, I am going to remain in contact with certain people, and I will still be part of the Voidbourne Wiki. But I cannot remain in the MERP community any longer.

    I remember back when we were just a small group of people, doing roleplays together, having fun. It was relaxed. It was enjoyable. That was, what, three or four years ago now?

    But now? In recent days, I have dreaded getting on the Discord or the wiki. Coming on here is a burden. It shouldn't be like that! I'm constantly furstrated and bothered by things like what seems to pass for humour among many of you these days. Piled on top of that, some of the people that have been joining recen…

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    Fidel Castro

    November 27, 2016 by Eureka Enderborn

    So, Fidel Castro died on November 26th.

    Castro was once quoted as saying "I will not die until America is destroyed."

    Castro died only a couple of weeks after Donald Trump was elected.

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    Joe Biden's Antics

    November 15, 2016 by Eureka Enderborn

    So apparently, Joe Biden hid all the writing utensils in the White House.

    Do you know why?

    Trump is bringing his own.

    He's bringing his own Pence.

    His own Pence.

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    A Few Great Quotes

    November 8, 2016 by Eureka Enderborn

    I was strolling through the internet rather than interacting with my family earlier, and I came across some really great quotes. I knew some of you would enjoy them, so I decided to put them here. If you don't, feel free to leave a (polite) comment to which I will respond equally politely.

    "Your dreams can often stay dreams no matter how hard you try. I will neither tell you to give up nor to pursue lunacy. But I will tell you this; your judgement is what matters. If something is beyond your reach, and you know it is, pursue it in different ways. And if it is impossible, then you can judge for yourself when to give up. But don't be saddened by failure. Be saddened when you haven't learned anything, and failure is one of the best teachers ou…

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