"I'm boooooooooooored..." whined Codebreaker "Code" Wiki, the infamous hacker. Who knew that the number one hacker contracted by Russia lived with his parents in a city in Ohio, and regularly hacked NATO while eating breakfast in his pajamas? 

"Weren't you uploading wikileaks or something?" asked Imrahil, pouring himself a cup of coffee.

"Yeah, but the French election finally died down and it's foreeeeever until the UK elections come up." he whined. "Besides, these places just don't have good security measures anymore. The last time I hacked the UN database it took like a half hour. Hacking into Hillary's server took fifteen minutes, tops."

Imrahil had his head in his hands. "Do you really have to interfere with elections all the time?"

"Meh... it gives me something constructive to do. But now all the elections are over, I'm so bored. I've started hacking the top secret White House servers just for fun. I tell you what, America's into some pretty messed up stuff in Crimea."

Across the room, Travian quickly looked up from his cereal, looking very uncomfortable for some reason. He spontaneously choked on his orange juice and began coughing hysterically.

Imrahil groggily drank a sip of coffee, glancing that direction to make sure his brother wouldn't need the Heimlich maneuver. 

"Well, I'm happy you finally got back from the secret conferences in Moscow." commented Imrahil, pouring some cereal.

"Yeah, I heard you guys went on a road trip or whatever... You know, I think somehow I still prefered Russia to going on a 2500 mile roadtrip-"

"I know, I know." said Imrahil, rolling his eyes. "Well, it's too bad you couldn't come. But I'm glad you're finally able to move back home."

"It's not easy being a hacker." said Code with a shrug.

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