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    August 23, 2016 by MrHobit1234

    When I joined December 12th 2014 this wiki only had about 5 members, for a while I was a moderator and I did a few things you all take for granted today, but after all this time I am leaving for good. I know I said I would post this Friday but it took me a while to compose myself and get the nerve so here it is. I was planning on leaving later on infact after the Rise of Sorcery ended but it has been excelerated tenfold. Although this is the second time I am leaving this wiki this will be permanent. For any of you who want to know enough snooping around will let you discover the reason. For those I considered friend sorry, but I know that more than a few will be happy. Well this is all I have to say, if you want to contact me tell me on my…

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  • MrHobit1234

    Pikmin RP

    August 23, 2015 by MrHobit1234

    I have created a RP where you are the Pikmin takeing place 5 years after Pikmin 3 so could people join it because I am bored and all alone playing this Rp right now

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  • MrHobit1234

    How is everyone doing?

    February 10, 2015 by MrHobit1234

    I am doing awesome if you may ask so people say how you feel right now today

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