Vot 'Tesam


Born September 21st, 2493, Vot 'Tesam joined the Covenant in 2507. In 2519 he was granted the rank of Special Operations and Intelligence officer, just below Rtas 'Vadamee. He held this position until 2552, when he left in rage and joined Thel 'Vadam in rebellion. This rebellion was called the Great Schism. In Thel's army, he received the rank of Special Operations Commander, and given command of all special ops forces of the Swords of Sangheilios. He holds that position currently.


Like most Sangheili, Vot is honorable almost to a fault. He is a lover of shadows and darkness, and his specialty is stealth. He is slightly reclusive and antisocial, but once you earn his trust, he is a good comrade and friend. He speaks English as well as Sangheili, so communication with Humans is easy. He will treat you as an equal until you give him a reason not to, no matter your personal strength.


Height: 8 feet 2 inches

Weight: 320 pounds

Skin color: Black

Weapons: Beam Rifle, Energy Sword

Armor: Jet black Sangheili Special Ops Commander armor

Equipment: Active Camo or Jetpack